Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So now what?

As with all endeavors that most people take, the hardest part is starting.  Not just starting but taking that first step.  Well, I've started.  I've taken that first step.  So I've gotten that licked, so to speak.

So now what?

Where do I go from here?

Is this where I make a goal and work towards it?  Or is this where I just hit the cruise control button and let it ride?

I'm sitting here shaking my head.  I've always done the former and the latter has quite honestly gotten me where I am now.  So, what goals do I set?

That is the question isn't it?  Well I know I'm never going to be a beauty queen and at my age, realistically I'm a bit to old.  I'm a bit to short to be a super model (and I don't have Cindy Crawford's bone structure) so that's out. I've got the barnacle for drama so being a world class actress really is not necessary.  My bff is working on making babies (talk about your high stress jobs!) and me and the wonder one have talked about it I've got to look into the reality of what it would mean to have a baby.

Good God, if that doesn't put me into a cold sweat nothing will.....having a baby in diapers....and the barnacle in them too!

I think I need to lie down for a moment and rethink this goal setting business.......


  1. Goal setting is so hard for me! I always seems to pick a really lofty goal, never reach it, then just give up. Here's hoping you have better luck at it than I do!

  2. That's where I'm at Elissa because that's what I always have done in the past. So I just want to make sure to set a goal that I can reach yet not make it so easy that I blow through it too.

    Here's to setting goals!