Thursday, July 14, 2011

The camera needs to be shot!

Talking with a friend on the phone, she asks "Does the camera really add 10 pounds?"

From the head and shoulders up, yes it does.

From the head and shoulders down, nope, I'm afraid not.  That is the painful realization I've had to come to when I look in the mirror.  It's also why there very few pictures of me.  Especially full body shots.  Because I know no one wants to see an upside down light bulb.  At least that is how I see my body.  No, I don't think I have body image issues.  But if I were to visualize my body.  Realistically, being brutally honest with myself here, yes, if you take an average household light bulb and turn it upside down, that is roughly what my body is shaped like.  Some people equate their bodies to numbers...those that are both top AND bottom heavy would say they look like the number 8 or the top heavy would be the number 9.  I'm most likely the number 6.  Better to be a 6 than a 1 any day.  I'd rather some curves than none at all, lol.

So all this is to say that at some point there will be photos.  When, I don't know.  Glamourshots?  Probably not, lol.  Most likely I'll look like I got run over by the delivery truck but at least we'll have a chance to see some of the progress along the way of this journey.

***Update....I actually found one that I'm willing to post of both of me and the wonder one taken a number of years ago, we're not standing so you can't so much see how big we both got to be at our biggest, but I think that for future reference, if we sit in pictures you'll be able to see the difference.  Btw....we're at COSI, it's a museum here in town, it's a wonderful place.  If you're ever in the area I highly recommend it.

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