Sunday, July 24, 2011

This is what I do...

Given what I do for a living, if I have a situation where someone is sick, it's my job to figure out how or when it started.  Often times also what caused it.  Working out, rationalizing how it all came to be.  This is what me and giggly one have figured out.  For me, this is one aspect of my job that I love.  Solving the puzzle of the illness.  When talking to the giggly one who makes coming to work SOOOO much easier (truly!) she helped me to figure out that this recent struggle with my weight (not losing, then actually gaining) is not a failure on my part, but a combination of things that have come together to conspire against me.

So the giggly one and the mighty midget (another in the cast of characters who are in my cheering section) helped me to figure out what's been going on and what I need to do to fix it.

I noticed that my feet have swollen, swollen so much so that they are painful.  So much so that I have cankles.  For those who don't know what a cankle is it's where your ankle and your calve have become one huge appendage all of it's own.  It's not pretty.  Usually what causes this for me is water retention.  I've never noticed before that there is any particular trigger that makes this happen.  So then I have to consider what is it that causes water retention.  Sodium.  I don't add salt to my food.  So then what else would do it?  I'm talking this over with the giggly one..."Well you do eat those frozen meals for dinner...."  I could feel the heat from the light bulb over my head as it went off!!!  I've been eating them a lot lately for ease of use.  That and admittedly, I'm lazy and the heat is just been unbearable.  "Those things have so much sodium in them, anything frozen can't be good."  This realization is not good.   "Nooooooooooo, REALLY" was all I could think in reply, but what I said? "Gee, thanks"....Yeah, I'm a bit passive aggressive at times.

So then I'm trying to figure out the tag for this post.  I call the mighty midget.  "Hey, journo major, pop quiz, I need your help"  I swear I heard crickets bleating after that.  "Yanno that was a long time ago!", it was then that the giggly one and the mighty midget and I figured out that the right word was in fact rationalize because by definition (or at least the one that applies here) "to the true, possibly unconscious and often less creditable or agreeable causes".  See I was thinking prior to seeing that definition the definition that we all would jump to would be the one we all associate with the word.

So, the girls are great in my cheering section as is everyone here.  But these two in particular are extra special because they put up with my sarcasm and help me to figure out that my weight not-so-much-loss-this-week isn't quite my fault.  I just need to rework my eating plan, cut out the frozen meals and put them back into the game plan the way they were originally intended.  Once the heatwave passes, it should get better.

God, I can only hope!

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