Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh Thank Sweet Jesus!!!

So as you may or may not have guessed Wednesdays are my weigh in days.  And by the title of this post you can probably guess that this week I was a loser, lol.

Thank. Sweet. Jesus!!!

I truly have come to the conclusion that it was the frozen dinners that I had become reliant upon to supplement my eating needs while the weather was so bleepin' hot and humid out, these past few weeks that had caused me to bloat up like a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon.  I would've been fearful had anyone gotten near me with any sharp objects!  However I can say with some delight the swelling in my feet has gone down tremendously, I once again have ankles and now have a better positive outlook on life!  Since having drawn this conclusion, I've figured out how to make dinner without heating up the kitchen (hellloooo Crock-Pot!) thus saving the house from getting anymore hot than it already is.

Yay me!

If you weren't keeping score, I lost 3.5 pounds this week.  It is difficult to say if it was water weight or just weight weight, but hey, at this point in the game, just so long as the number was going down and not up, I really don't care one way or the other at this point!

Yay me!

***Update...These conclusions should've been given proper credit to the my kinda sorta twin sister who I bemoaned my plight to over the phone this past weekend.  Without having done this, her helpful ear and insight would not these conclusions been reached.  I owe her a debt of gratitude and regret not having given her the kudos she deserved in the first place!  Thanks girl!

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